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4.70 Spoofer Working After Fix

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Posted on Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:47 pm

Disable any spoofer you have. If you use the vsh patcher then it's fine no need to reinstall firmware.
Install package file. Launch the SEN Enabler package and press square for SEN/PSN Options.
Press square on Enable SEN Access and reboot.

When enabling SEN Access, it will take a few minutes so if you think it's frozen it's not Smile
Reported working and not working on 4.66 Habib. Working fine on my Rebug 4.65 D-REX.
Not a new version, just bringing it to people's attention about a fix right now. @KHATPHAT

Edit: people are reporting possible ban risk. I suggest to read through comments before deciding to use it
Confirmed Working on: REbug 4.65.2 DREX, 4.66 Habib 1.01, and Habib 4.66 (Normal I presume)

Recommendation: If you are already on DEX just go to PS3ita so then you don't have that chance of instaban that this method may give some of you.

Maker of SEN Enabler
Me for making thread Very Happy

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