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Load Games From XMB!

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Posted on Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:20 pm



Hey guys, today im bringing you a new one way to access your backed up games at its stealthiest. Just follow the below steps for it to work at its best! This setup will also decrease risk of ban as sony can not detect it Very Happy There is also 2 ways of doing this

{Way 1}

Download :

Step 1) Download the file above! ^

Step 2) Copy every file and folder to a usb and install the pkg files

Step 3) Load the Dev_Blind File (Press yes to everything)

Step 4) Load PRX Loader it should reboot

Step 5) Load up WebMan and let it install Smile

Step 6) Copy the folders and files in the "Place all these into hdd root" folder to the root of your PS3 hardrive

Step 7) Reboot, then all your games should be under "My Games" below the Install Package Files folder

Step Cool Enjoy

{Way 2}

Download : [url=]
(This download is for Way 2 only its completely different)

Step 1)
Plug your usb into your computer and drag the "Plugins" Folder onto the ROOT of your usb. Also While your on your usb drag both Pkgs onto your usb the Cobra Cfw Tools Pkg & The CCAPI 2.50 Pkg (If you already have ccapi installed you don't have to install it)

Step 2)
Now Eject your usb safely from your computer. Now plug in into the RIGHT SIDE of your ps3 (Must be plugged in at all times to fully work), Install ccapi 2.50 if you haven't already, after your ps3 reboots install Cobra CFW Tools and run it, After its loaded up scroll to the bottom (Using Dpad) Then Click On "WebMAN (My Games)"

Step 3)
After you click on "WebMAN (My Games)" You will see it says "Choose To Install," It gives you 3 options.
- With Install Package Files
- With Rebug's Package Manager
- With XMBM+(aldostools) Support
You Want to choose "With Install Package Files "NO MATTER WHAT FIRMWARE YOUR ON" after you click "With Install Package Files" it will prompt you with 3 questions just click yes on all of them. Then Your Ps3 will reboot

Step 4)
When Your ps3 reboots you will see you have my games but you don't have app_home/PS3_GAME/ , we need that for this to work so, you need to load up REBUG TOOLBOX, then go to that folder you downlaoded before all of this, and get those 2 flash files and get ready to replace those.

Step 5)
Now after you loaded up Rebug Toolbox open FileZilla Connect then go to dev_rebug>vsh>resource>explore>xmb then you will see a bunch of files just drag the ones I gave you into there then it will ask you to Override twice just hit yes, then turn off you ps3 Via Rebug Toolbox.

Step 6)
Now after it reboots you will see you have My Games still, but you also now have app_home/PS3_GAME/ just saying you can just delete Cobra CFW Tools and CCAPI 2.50 pkg off your ps3 you will not need it anymore.

Step 7)
Now when you click on my games you will see 3 like folders just click on PlayStation 3 and you will see all the games from your Internal Hdd and your usb or External Hdd, Now simply click on a game to load, and a web broswer will come up just click yes then click app_home/PS3_GAME/ and your game will Load [​IMG]

No credits to me on second way!

Any problems or question, please comment below

Some credit goes to me! Smile

Pictures Once Properly Setup! :



Resident Elite
Resident Elite

Posted on Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:41 pm

Show virus scans please bud all in all nice post




Posted on Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:43 pm

There is not any exe?


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