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Posted on Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:17 pm

Hello Members,Staff´s And Guest´s!

Today Im releasing my Collection of 500 Folders.

Folder´s WTF Is That?:

- Trophys Folders

- Level Up

- Level 100

These Folder´s Will Bring You To Level 50 - 60 !
Every Folder Has Been Checked And Cleaned Successfull From My Crew.

Do You Want The Download? Then Click The Link >

You Must Rebuild Your Database as always you must get a Error code with D55 at the end that mean a Platinum Trophy has been synced successfully.

If you get a error called C25 at the end use this fix:

Step 1: Make sure you are getting error that ends in C25, which means a folder(s) are corrupted.
Step 2: Hover over 'Trophy Collection' online, press triangle>Switch Modes>Offline, then sync there, it should still give you C25 error or an random error, press ok after error, you should be able to see all trophies.
Step 3: Scroll until you see the 'CORRUPTED DATA' trophy, hover over it and press triangle and delete them all.
Step 4: You are now able to sync just fine.

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