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gta v free cheetah

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Posted on Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:10 am

So I found a way to store some cars in missions, but there are specifications to the car. working on xbox one

It CAN'T be:
1. A mission objective
2.An unstorable car ex. police cruiser
3.A random street car. If this makes any sense it has to be a vehicle that is supposed to be in the mission and always spawns there. ex. In the mission Holed Up Burton, if you go to Madrazo's house there will be a cheetah, a coquette, and some other car. These vehicles always spawn in the mission and are not there in freeroam.

So onto the glitch:

There are many missions to do this with (mostly Simeon), but I will be using Holed Up Burton to get and store a free Cheetah. This also works for the Enus Super Diamond in Gentry Does it.

1. When you start the mission, don't go to the apartments, go to Madrazo's house and take the Cheetah in the driveway and take it to a 10 car GARAGE, not apartment, I used the one on Popular St. used in the "I got that fire" money glitch.
2. park the cheetah next to the garbage bin at the left so that it blocks off the passenger door.
3. use your personal vehicle to block off the driver door so that you can teleport into the cheetah
4.Then you will be doing the "I got that fire" glitch, created by FreightTrainWTF, and you need to steal a street car, open your job list, and drive it into the garage.
5. Exit the vehicle and shoot the hood until it catches fire
6. Then quickly enter the car and spam Y to get out. When you spam Y the blue circle should flicker.
7. quickly move to the direction of the Cheetah and press Y ONCE to get in.
8. Wait for the minimap to flicker and it should teleport you into your garage.
9. Now you have a free Cheetah, you cab go insure it at the LSC for 81,000. ( an alternative method for storing it with insurance is using a rebel instead of a street car.)

I tried to make this into a money glitch by storing it over a rebel, but it sells for the sell price of the rebel which is 1800.

Hope you have fun with your new free cheetah!

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