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Posted on Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:15 am



I have been updating a huge amount of content on the site which lead it to crash and go offline for roughly 2 hours, although i managed to to fix the problem.


There are still some bugs/updates that will be fixed/applied asap!

- Topic icons Done
- Moderation tools hot-fix Done
- Send button fix Done
- Pm notification
- Rep system Done
- Top starter fix
- Signing out fix Done


Updates that have been applied.

Chatbox is now fixed
Widgets are now fixed
Users online are now more accurate
Better searches
Auto pruning for old topics
New mod tools

I will update this topic as i update the site, It is really hard for me as I am the only coder and admin on here. Thanks for your'e patients!
Gameandchat will remain up and running.


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