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Black ops glitches and tricks

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Posted on Sun May 05, 2013 11:23 pm

Welcome to my collection of Call of duty: Black Ops Glitches!

Here I have put together an ultimate collection of glitches for you black ops glitching gamers!


Get Inside the Shed (the Secret Room) in the Map Nuketown

Have a Floating Knife but No Gun in Black Ops
How to do it:
1)start a private match free for all with a friend, a class with a claymore and spy plane and care package killstreaks equipped
2) Get 4 kills, dont call in the spy plane yet
3) Plant the claymore and get your friend to walk into it, as you hear the claymore click call in the spy plane, and you have no weapon, just a hovering knife where the gun should be!

glitch out of Summit

Gunship Glitch

1.get a gunship in the gunship and switch to spectator mode right away
3.when in spectator mode switch to any player you want to kill and hold down R for guns and L for missiles. You can also switch to free roam and point the view wherever you want it to shoot.

Use this Glitch to Have Your Display Stuck in the Stunned State

Fall From the Sky and Teleport Across the Map Zoo

Flying / Swimming Glitch on Verruckt

Get into a Secret Room in the Map Drive-In

Emblem glitch

2 accounts on 1 box needed

[spoil]1 person with all layers makes emblem. on last layer go to select an image on an empty layer, 2nd account press b to go back to layers screen.

it'll go to 2nd account edit playercard but it will have 1st players emblem even if 2nd account didnt buy all the layers. save and exit.[/spoil]

Havana Glitches: Fall Out of the Sky and Swim in Mid-Air

How to Fall Out of the Sky on Havana (Step by Step)
[spoil]1.) Do the Carepackage Glitch to get outside of the map.
2.) Get a running start, and jump into the water.
3.) Swim forward until you fall off of the edge of the map.
4.) Thats It! You will now teleport into the sky, and fall through the entire map 2 times.
How to Swim in Mid-Air on Havana
1.) After falling out of the sky, your character will begin to tread water under the map.
2.) Swim upwards until your above the surface of the water.
3.) Now using your mini-map, swim back into the map.
4.) After coming back to the map, you will begin to swim in mid-air, above the ground.
5.) Thats It! You can now go and explore every inch of the Havana map.[/spoil]

Switch Between 3 Different Weapons in Call of The Dead

Secret Room With Creepy Dead Body!

Use this Glitch to Get a New Map Pack in Private Match

So this is a tutorial on how to get the new map pack maps Silo and Drive-In in a private match. You cant play them, but you can brag to your friends that you have access to them and make up some ********.
First, youll need to go to Community. Next head to films, and hit (X) to open up the filter. Set the filter map to either Drive-In or Silo. You now have the video loaded in theater. Next you are going to get it into a private match lobby.
Go to a friends file share, and select a random game mode. It should take you to a private with the new map! You can now brag to your friends you got the new maps. (And lie)
If anybody could put a video tut up, thatd be great. Its a really simple and straightforward glitch.

Use Your Primary Weapon & Chopper Gunner at the Same Time

This tutorial is going to show you how to fire your chopper gunner and fire your primary weapon while being in the chopper gunner. This glitch can be done on any gametype that you can spawn and then change your class eg. Search. I used CTF because that is the gametype I first used with the glitch.
Lets get started.
1. ChopperGunner
2. Two Different Classes
3. Some skill
The Tutorial in Text. Only 3 Steps!(Video is down further located in the spoiler)
Step 1.
Acquire a Chopper Gunner, by either getting 9 kills (8 hardline) or get lucky and get a carepackage with a chopper gunner in it (steal it or get 5 kills, 4 kills with hardline)
Step 2.
Wait for the next round of something and call in the Chopper Gunner. As it is coming in switch your class.
Step 3.
Shoot, enjoy the imaginary hitmarkers! (not sure why you get hitmarkers)

Hiding Spots/Out of map

Cracked : Map jumps

A Secret Room in the Map Hotel

Havana Glitch:

Make Your Emblem Blurry or Invisible in Black Ops

Out & Under Shangri La

Have Half Your Body inside the Elevator in the Map Hotel

Get Out of Crash Site in Black Ops

A Barrier Glitch that Protects you from the Nazi Zombies on the Map Lighthouse

Black ops Dog Glitch Nuketown

How to edit you player-card/emblem in black ops combat training

[spoil]1. Go into Player Match and click Playercard
2. Go to Leaderboards, Search and Destroy, then press "Y"
3. While still on the Change Filter screen, go to your party/friends list and join your friend who is in a Combat Training lobby.
4. Once you join you should see the lobby in the background, but still have the Change Filter screen up
5. Go back to your party/friends list and click on your friend and hit View COD Playercard
6. It should come up on your screen and you should be able to to press "B" until you are at the Edit Playercard screen.
7. Enjoy using your Combat Training points to buy and edit things on your playercard!!![/spoil]

C4 Glitch

How to get a free 25,000 COD points when you prestige.

[spoil]This is a tutorial on how to start off with COD points after you prestige in COD Black Ops (360)

Join a Pro Gambler wager match
Wait for the game to start counting down from 10 (Just before the game is starting)
PRESTIGE - Go to Playercard, Hit "More Info", Hit "Continue", Hit "Enter Prestige"
The game should now be starting, with you at level 1!
Come in First, Second, or Third place to win some COD Points
You will be at Level 1 on your next prestige and get to keep however many COD points you just won

Since you prestige, there will only be 50,000 COD points total to be divided between the winners. So the prizes are 25,000 for first, 15,000 for second, and 10,000 for third.)

All you have to do is come in the top 3 and you will start off with some money to buy those killstreaks/guns/attachments you want early off in your prestige.

Another way to do it is to do it with a friend (or 5!). Join a gun game together and just keep telling him where you are so he can just run to you and be killed!


Invite a friend (or up to 5 friends) to a private match
switch back and forth between private match and wager match until his name dissapears
start up a wager match quickly, he should be in your game after a few seconds!

If you have any questions just let me know, I have done this about 10 times. If this has been posted before I'm sorry and this can be deleted. I just thought this is something you should know! [/spoil]



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Posted on Mon May 06, 2013 3:16 am

Such a sexy post Very Happy

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