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Custom patch making service for cod 4 , waw and mw2

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Resident Elite
Resident Elite

Posted on Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:20 am

Hey its codmodz so yeh just copy and paste this and il pm you when its done so you can download it thanks

For MW2 patches :

1.What do you want the messages to say
2.What do you want your gamertag to say
3.what do you want your clan tag to say
4.What do you want your custom classes to say
5.What do you want the lobby clan tag to be
6. What do you want the people that have been in your lobby classes to say
7.What text do you want to be on the screen permonatly
8.What do you want the dpad infections to be i.e dpad up = unlock all
9.What infections do you want to have
10. Do you want god mode and aimbot for everyone or just the host or for noone
11. What do you want the map name to say e.g you would pick rust as the map but it could say imod

For cod 4 patches :

1. What menu base : im only doing : Tizalrs menu , itangys infectable menu , dm bonez seen/unseen menu , templars v2 menu , xex wills templar v5 menu
2. What do you want part 1 to say ?
3.What do you want the messages to say ?
i think there's max 6
4. What do you want it to say when its infecting (i can only do this for icheeeteds one)
5. What colour do you want the menu
6. do you want a youtube channel or website advertised on the menu when it opens up ?
7. what level of infection do you want for the menu ( some may vary )

Waw menu :
Im only doing icheeteds infinite menu
1. Messages ?
2. What do you want part one to say

Waiting list :

Ok so thats what im doing cause im really bored so just post below and il get skype if i cant give it you any other way ok thanks - codmodz1997




Posted on Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:38 pm

Nice topic keep it up



Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer

Posted on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:48 am

aww dude you gotta make me one some time


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